Mini Arcade XPi - Kit

Mini Arcade XPi - Kit

Item#: AR001
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  • 3.5" LCD
  • Safe Shut Down
  • 320 x 480 Resolution
  • Large Capacity LiPo Battery
  • LCD DPI Mode
  • Low Battery Protection
  • Up to 60fps Frame Rate
  • Built-in LiPo Charging
  • HDMI Out
  • 6 Button Play
  • Audio Jack
  • Volume Control Knob
  • Dedicated Start and Select
  • Amplified Speaker
  • Adjustable Sleep Timer
  • Easy To Assemble


  1. 1.Raspberry Pi Connectors
  2. 2.MicroSD Card Slot
  3. 3.Mini HDMI
  4. 4.Micro USB Charge and Firmware
  5. 5.Bi Color Status LED
  6. 6.Analog Joystick Configurable
  7. 7.Start and Select Buttons
  1. 8.Volume Control
  2. 9.Sterio Head Phone Jack
  3. 10.6 Configurable Buttons
  4. 11.Safe Shut Down Power Switch
  5. 12.MicroSD Card
  6. 13.3.5" Vertical LCD DPI Mode

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions

    202 x 207 x 159mm

  • Weight


  • Compatible Raspberry Pi

    Pi 3B / Pi 3B+ / Pi 4

  • Battery

    LiPo 5000mAh

  • Joystick

    Analog or Digital

  • Game Buttons

    Silicon Carbon Pad

  • Screen Size

    3.5" Vertical

  • Charge Voltage

    5VDC @3Amps

  • Audio

    Built in Amplified Speaker

The Mini Arcade XPi is a complete RetroPie compatible table top gaming system powered by a Raspberry Pi 3 or 4. It utilizes the DPI mode of the Raspberry Pi which allows games to run at frame rates up to 60fps without affecting the performance of the RPi. It includes an accurate joystick and 6 button play with dedicated Select / Start buttons. Arcade XPi fully manages the Raspberry Pi for safe shut downs. Built-in calibration and test menus make setup a snap.

Mini Arcade XPi comes partially assembly. Just add a Raspberry Pi 3 or 4. Easy to assemble and setup for a complete beginner.

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