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    Mousy is a fun interactive cat toy that mimics the size, sounds and movements of a real mouse! Mousy will entertain and exercise your cats, providing the physical and mental stimulation they need. Mousy can be controlled from an iPhone, Android or play all on its own. Set Smart Play™ for automatic play and watch the fun begin.

    In Smart Play™ mode Mousy reacts to your cats play such as swats, pounces or even being picked up. Mousy also makes sounds to attract and reward your cats play. It's constantly changing behavior will keep your cats attention. You can attach your cats favorite toy to Mousy and bring it to life for even more fun!

    Mousy is rugged, withstanding drops from counter tops and rough play. It has long battery life with quick recharging from any USB port or charger. In addition Mousy is very easy to control and use!

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