Customizing the PiBoy's Fan Speed Curve

Customizing the PiBoy's Fan Speed Curve

Figure 1: The fan speed curve can be changed in the osd.cfg file.

1. Follow this tutorial to learn about how to remote in to the PiBoy to customize the settings. You can also use SSH if you're on a Mac or Linux machine by following this tutorial. The steps in these tutorials are need to modify the fan speed curve. Continue with this tutorial at the point in the linked tutorials where you open the osd.cfg file.
2. With the osd.cfg file open locate the section labeled "fanduty". The fan speed curve is defined by the text following the text "fanduty".
3. The first line is the number of points in the curve. Replace this text with the number of fan curve points you would like to define.
4. Next are entries for each point in the fan curve. Each line is defined with the temperature in millidegrees Celcuius followed by a space and then the fan speed in a percentage out of 100%. If you want the fan speed to be 15% at 50C enter the following:
50000 15
5. Continue this process for all of the fan points defined by the number in step 3. If at step 3 you declared 5 fan points, enter a total of 5 fan curve points following the format in the previous step.

Figure 2: A completed entry in the osd.cfg file. Note that six point are declared, matching the number six at the beginning of the entry.

Figure 3: A graphical plot of the temperature curve defined above.

6. Once you are done defining the fan curve save the changes to the file and disconnect from the PiBoy.
7. Turn the PiBoy off and then reboot it. The new fan curve will be applied and is active after the reboot.