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Why Kickstarter?

Kickstarter has become a main stay in today's market. It's a great way to help build interest and receive critical feedback before a product goes to production. Plus we can gauge demand which can be invaluable in a products early life cycle. In addition pre-sales help drive down production cost through volume. Which allow us to offer products at a lower price. Kickstarter will be an integral way for Experimental Pi to explore new products and determine their viability. We look forward to delivering some of the coolest products that will be available for the popular Raspberry Pi platform.

Experimental Pi

Launching Soon: PiBoy DMG

The PiBoy DMG is the first Raspberry Pi 4 hand held gaming system. It was inspired from the original Gameboy DMG. Boasting a 3.5" IPS LCD, 4500mAh LiPo battery, 8 button control and more. We put everything in this minus a kitchen sink. The PiBoy DMG is the same physical specifications as the original DMG. We have built over 20 prototypes tweaking and fine tuning to get the right feel and performance to maximize what the Raspberry Pi 4 can do.

Product Details