Selecting a Micro SD Card for the PiBoy DMG

Selecting a Micro SD Card for the PiBoy DMG

Figure 1: The micro SD card slot on the PiBoy DMG.

Physical Format

SD cards come in two sizes: the full sized SD card, which is used in many cameras, and the micro SD format which is the smaller one. The PiBoy DMG supports the Raspberry Pi Zero, 3B+ and 4B. All of these Pi models use a microSD card, not a full sized SD card.

Storage Capacity

Micro SD cards are available in a variety of storage capacities. We recommend using no smaller than an 8GB card. An 8GB card is suitable for storing the operating system and a modest number of older games. If you plan to store a large number of games, especially from newer gaming systems, a higher capacity is recommended. The Pi 4 has been tested with up to a 128GB card successfully. The Pi 3B+ will also support up to a 128GB card like the Pi 4. We recommend up to a 32GB micro SD for use with the Pi Zero.


Micro SD cards are also rated by their performance, which is their ability to read and write data at a given speed. We recommend using a card rated "A1" or better for the best performance when playing games. The rating can be found in the product description for the card if shopping online, or on the product's packaging if shopping in person.