Using Wireless Controllers with the PiBoy DMG

Using Wireless Controllers with the PiBoy DMG

Figure 1: When running RetroPie the PiBoy DMG can use wireless controllers.

Wireless Controllers

When running RetroPie on the PiBoy wireless controllers can be used for a console-like experience. This is especially useful when using the HDMI out feature to display your games on a TV or monitor; the PiBoy effectively becomes a console. Below is a list of wireless controllers supported by RetroPie.

Supported Controllers

XBox 360 controller (bluetooth)
PS3 controller (bluetooth)
PS4 controller (bluetooth or USB dongle)
8bitdo (bluetooth)
Logitech F710 (usb dongle)


Some controllers in the list above are natively supported by RetroPie, while others require the installation of drivers. Most of the required drivers are already in RetroPie and simply need to be activated in the RetroPie configuration options. See the "Controllers" section of this link for more details on configuring wireless controllers with RetroPie.
Article last updated on: 02 Sep 2020